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"Bryan was an absolute joy to have perform at C & P Coffee Company. I was the barista on shift during his performance and not only was he wonderful to have as a performer, but he was incredibly polite and kind during every interaction. His music was fun, lively, and upbeat; yet also diverse. He took pride in his performance and made sure to give time to any of the audience that wished to speak with him after the show and during brief intermissions. I was particularly fond of his song "Elf Girlfriend" and "Lost in Time". I definitely made sure to leave with some CDs and merch. We look forward to having him back at C & P Coffee Company in the future." - Artemis - C & P Coffee Company - Barista - Seattle, Washington

“Bryan puts so much love and fun into his shows, and it shines through with his music. His energy brings a fun element to any room he plays in. His politeness and professionalism makes him an easy choice for adding to any bill.” - Andrew Carodine - The Gold Room - General Manager - Denton, Texas

"Bryan Bielanski is a complete joy to hear play. He plays music for all ages and everyone can find a little fun in his set. We love having him play at our Tucson Brewery and look forward to seeing him next time he is on the road. Do yourself a favor and go get some of his feel-good music." - Jim - Owner - Thunder Canyon Brewery - Tucson, Arizona

"Great energy from start to finish. Bryan engages with the crowd and makes them want to stick around for to hear what he plays next"   - Jimmy Nigg - Owner - The Monkey Barrel - Denver, Colorado

"Bryan was a delightful performer to have at Trident. He was punctual and professional, making his sound set-up a breeze. His songs and music were fun to listen to and created a fun vibe on our back patio. We were glad to have him perform for the night!"  - Aleah - Trident Cafe - Boulder, Colorado

"Where do I start? What can I say about Bryan Bielanski? Certainly nothing negative! Bryan was an absolute peach!!! He was punctual and professional, as well as self-sufficient in his set up. He came prepared with his merch and stage set-up, and even had a laminated write up about himself and his music. He played a set of lovely originals and also sprinkled in a few well-chosen covers, which he was courteous enough to ask in advance about. He quickly won over the audiance with his warmth and enthusiasm. His smiley face logo was certainly appropriate, as our patrons couldn't help themselves from matching it! What a gem! " -alexía, bartender, Curia on the Drag, Gainesville, Florida, USA

"Bryan Bielanski’s upbeat personality matches his Pop/Rockin’ songs and is sure to please. After listening to him you’ll understand why his albums are called “Bryan’s Super Happy Fun Time I and II!" - Marcia - Henry Turner Jr.'s Listening Room - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“Bryan is consummate performer with a large repertoire of fan favorites sure to please any crowd.  Very professional and very easy to work with.  We look forward to working with him in the future.” - Ryan - Celtic Irish Pub - Pascagoula, Mississippi

"I have known Bryan Bielanski for 10 years and in that time I have seen him grow both musically and professionally. His use of social media is right on as well as his ability to please an audience with his unique performance style." - Jeff Cheen - Founder Charlotte Music Awards/Founding Board Member Hollywood Music Media Awards - Charlotte, North Carolina

"I heard about Bryan Bielanski’s Super Happy Fun Time Show by way of the Internet. Bryan’s a prolific promoter as well as a talented professional touring musician with original songs that connect to audiences and excite and entertain them. He is adaptable, easy-going, his set-up is a breeze and on-point because he knows what he’s doing (Gear, Monitors, Sound-Check, Merch Tables, etc.) Working with Bryan is an absolute pleasure; he’s friendly, fun, and works equally, if not harder, than his venues promoting and supporting his appearances both locally, and to his extended social media fan base. Bryan’s songs are well-crafted and have wide appeal. I run the longest continuous-running open mic show in America since 1984 here in Gainesville and I’ve seen a lot of acts in my time. It would be an honor and privilege having Bryan return as often as possible to our show any time during his ongoing ambitious touring schedule. Bryan Bielanski comes highly recommended." - Tom Miller - Host of the Tom Miller Show (a.k.a. The Reverend Angeldust’s Tabernacle of Hedonism) - Hardback Café, Undertown, Gainesville, Florida - 

"Bryan is a true example of a passionate artist that will put out while also being a true professional. His abilities as a performer can relate to a wide variety of audiences and venues. He is a pleasure to work with and is always met with positive impressions amongst audiences and staff members." - Sean McAdams - Talent Coordinator - Barzarre Wilmington, North Carolina
"Bryan Bielanski has been playing at the Skyline Village Inn for years. We really appreciate his professionalism and the customers love him. He's a favorite up here and people are always asking when we'll book him again." - Matthew Thrift - Manager - Skyline Village Inn - Spruce Pine, North Carolina
"Bryan Bielanski (Angwish) has performed at my venue in Charlotte multiple times, each one being a success. Bryan works hard at booking great lineups to accompany his events and executes these performances professionally. He's always easy to work with and a pleasure to host." - Jamie Starks - Owner - Tommy's Pub - Charlotte, North Carolina
"We brought Angwish (Bryan Bielanski) two separate times to headline our rock festival and each time the crowd went crazy for them. They know how to engage an audience and keep the rock and roll party on full blast!" - Tasos Tai - Ikarus Artist Commune - Crete, Greece


"Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time II, is a catchy, bouncy, musical journey for the senses." - Teresa Robinson (New Mexico Entertainment Magazine, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

"On his website, Bielanski describes his music as : '' If The Beatles and Nirvana had a kid together. That's a pretty bold statement, but by the end of the 73-plus minutes (Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time I run time), the listener has been given ample proof that the description is actually very accurate." - Johnny Vinyl (Go! Eastern Oregon Magazine, La Grande, Oregon) 

"Road Warrior Bryan Bielanski takes happy songs, positive vibes from city to city" - Kyle Peveto (Baton Rouge Advocate daily periodical, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

“Bryan has so much passion in his music. The songs sound really great” - Scott Litt – Producer (REM, Nirvana)

“Catchy... the vocal melodies and guitar solos are sweetly delivered with an honest sense of urgency.”-  Gordon Lamb (Flagpole Magazine, Athens, Georgia)

“...intelligent and musically coherent power pop with soul.” - Woody Mitchell (Charlotte Observer daily periodical, Charlotte, North Carolina)

"East Coast singer-songwriter packs more hooks than a tackle box!" - Erika Boling (Metrospirit Magazine, Augusta, Georgia)