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Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time 3

Bryan Bielanski

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Singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, North Carolina (born in Parma, Ohio)

"There's nobody like Bryan Bielanski!"  This acoustic rock & roll singer-songwriter (based in Charlotte, North Carolina) leaves a trail of high energy shows, catchy songs and smiling audiences all around the world with his relentless touring. Although Bryan Bielanski is inspired by the golden age of rock and folk music, he has crafted his own unique style with imaginative lyrics that makes him stand out from the average musician. His own take on rock & roll with contemporary lyrical themes creates a sound that feels instantly familiar yet excitingly fresh at the same time. This globetrotting musician has been touring the US and the world for years and has performed in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, California, Canada, China, Colorado, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Delaware, District of Columbia, Finland, Florida, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Hungary, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Italy, Kansas, Kentucky, Latvia, Louisiana, Luxembourg, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Netherlands, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Poland, Portugal, Rhode Island, Russia, Slovenia, South Carolina, South Dakota, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tennessee, Texas, Thailand, United Kingdom, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. One listen to his music and you will see why concert-goers and music critics agree that Bryan Bielanski lives up to his album name: "Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time"! 

(If you are interested in booking Bryan Bielanski, please email for availability and rates)


"Bryan Bielanski might look like a mild mannered singer/songwriter. But, behind his cool, Clark Kent-esque demeanor lies a super-talented musician and showman who is literally racing faster than a speeding bullet towards indie rock icon status." - Tracey Maine (The Athens News, Athens, Ohio)

"Bryan's songs are terrific examples of what a great pop song should be." - Kris Engelhart (Shutter 16 Magazine, Charlotte, North Carolina)

"Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time II, is a catchy, bouncy, musical journey for the senses." - Teresa Robinson (New Mexico Entertainment Magazine, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

"Bielanski is unabashedly upbeat. His demeanor drips with upbeat exuberance." - Tim Curley (Sonoma Index-Tribune, Sonoma, California)

"Road Warrior Bryan Bielanski takes happy songs, positive vibes from city to city" Kyle Peveto (Baton Rouge Advocate daily periodical, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

“Bryan has so much passion in his music. The songs sound really great” Scott Litt – Producer (REM, Nirvana)



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Press Photo Link (click image to download)