1. Area 52

From the recording Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time!

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Teaser single from the new album "Super Happy Fun Time" available February 18, 2020


Area 52, yeah we're Area 52 and there's nothing we wouldn't do, not at Area 52 and our actions are depraved as we march unto the grave and the choices that we made are the ones the world forbade and we work without the sun and we never have any fun and we can't stop until we're done, we're not Area 51. Area 53, yeah we're Area 53 and there's nothing we wouldn't be, not at Area 53.

Area 54, now we're Area 54 and they say that less is more, not at Area 54. And the answers came too fast to the questions that we asked then we disavow the past, yeah the future is a blast. And we're Area 55, now we're Area 55 and I wish I wasn't alive, not at Area 55.