1. The Real You

From the recording Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time II

Production and percussion by Rob Tavaglione


"The Real You" lyrics ©2022 Gwennysongs ASCAP

What we wanted never seemed to get us into so much trouble, then I leave a badly written scribbled note at your door. You'll go outside and read it, was it someone else I knew? I'll call you late at night and say that's not the real you.

The real you is beautiful inside out and super cool. You don't need to act so fake, I could be your lucky break. Just think about you and I. Why don't you give me a try? If I give then you could take. I should be the move you make.

I know you know I like you, that's why you keep your distance. Affection starts to sour just like a wilted flower. I don't know why I shunned you, was it someone else you knew?